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We met with Henry Horkoff and Mikhail Baiman, Directors of Scholars West Vancouver to find out more about the newly opened Scholars Education Centre at Park Royal and to inform parents about the great services Scholars has to offer.

What is Scholars?

Scholars Education Centre provides outstanding support services for Canadian school curriculum to children of all grade levels and ages, ensuring success in academia and beyond. Scholars is a well-established education centre within Canada and will proudly celebrate its 20th-year anniversary this year.

What programs are offered at Scholars?

Scholars offers a wide variety of programs from Mathematics, Calculus, Reading, Writing, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English and French, we are also proud to offer classes in computer programming. Our tutoring and coding services extends from Kindergarten to Grade 12 – all ages and academic levels.

Why enrol kids at Scholars?

Today’s parent recognizes that children who are prepared will be equipped to handle the expected and unexpected ways that the job market changes in the future. That’s why many parents are seeking out tutoring programs like coding, STEM, math, reading and writing for students at all ages and all levels of achievement.

At Scholars, students work with teachers who are subject matter experts, and are taught Scholars’ customized curriculum, which is aligned with the provincial curriculum and designed to help students weather the modern education system. Each student is given a program that is tailored to their individual needs or interests.


How is Scholars different from other education centres?

Through open communication, goal setting, and progress updates, we ensure a customizable, personalized approach to learning. Thus, whether a student needs to catch up and fill their knowledge gaps in school, or wants to advance beyond their current grade level, Scholars is able to deliver an effective, long-term solution.

At Scholars Education Centre, we believe in the long-lasting importance of a well-rounded education.

Where can you find out more information about Scholars Education Centre?

To inquire about tutoring at the Scholars West Vancouver, please email WestVan@ScholarsCanada.com or call (604) 281-4777 or visit our website.


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