Loblaws City Market
London Drugs
Osaka Supermarket
Shoppers Drug Mart
Two Rivers Meats
Whole Foods Market
Vancouver is known for its rich culture; and cuisine is a massive part of that culture. From locally-sourced fare to specialty items from every corner of the world, you can find it all in the heart of the city. Traditional food stores might carry a wide range of products, these do not always accommodate dietary restrictions, lifestyles or international ingredient needs. Luckily, Park Royal has compiled a collection of unique and accessible West Vancouver grocery stores, to meet the needs of every shopper.
Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, Park Royal has all the right options to help perfect your latest dish. For those staple grocery store stock-ups, Loblaw’s City Market and Whole Foods Market provide healthy options designed to fit any diet model. From gluten-free and vegan options to organics and proteins, these shops have it all.
When looking for local products and meats, Black Forest Delicatessen can help to create a flavourful menu at any time of year. If the comforts of home come on a more international level, Osaka Supermarket can meet all of your comfort food and home cooking needs. Full service shops are a great answer to lite fare, quick eats and other household necessities. Shoppers Drug Mart and London Drugs are able to stock your cupboard and your medicine cabinet in one easy trip.
Why make multiple trips to various stores when Park Royal has everything that you could need in one convenient location? From across town to across the ocean, Park Royal has every ingredient that you could need in West Vancouver, B.C.

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