Detours & Road Closures

Summer Detours & Road Repair at Park Royal

Please be advised from now through August, Park Royal roadways will be undergoing repairs & upgrades. Including:

• Park Royal South Ring Road repair and paving.
• New speed bumps throughout Park Royal.
• Improved and increased traffic signage throughout Park Royal.
• Fresh line markings throughout Park Royal.
• Welch St. Bridge vehicle deck repair – more information here.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank visitors in advance for their patience while we make these necessary repairs and upgrades.



  1. Welch St. Bridge north-west exit ramp. The west-bound exit ramp from the Welch St. Bridge to Level 2 of Park Royal South parking is temporarily closed while repairs are underway. There is currently no completion date. Alternate route: travel across the bridge to the 4-way stop. Continue straight through and take the next ramp to Level 2.
  2. Eastbound ramp from Level 2 to 3. There is no through road on Level 3 by Cineplex. The far west ramp is closed to eastbound traffic. To access Level 3 parking and Cineplex please take an alternate route. Alternate route: from the street level, drive east on Ring Rd and use the ramp at the far east end to access Level 2 and from Best Buy use ramp to Level 3 to access P3 parking & Cineplex.
  3. Westbound – Best Buy to Cineplex: Level 2 – Level 3 no through road. There is no through road at the top of the ramp from Level 2 near Best Buy to Level 3 heading west to Cineplex. The parking area and Cineplex is open, but the far west ramp is temporary closed while repairs are underway. Alternate route: from street level, drive west on Ring Rd and use the far west ramp to access Level 2 for Simons & the Brick.

Welch St. Bridge project information – click here.

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